NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence

How far will your Ambition take you?

30 Anniversary NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION release
NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence

Stronger Than a Alliance

Additional Scenario 1

An additional playable scenario, "Stronger Than a Alliance".

The young Takechiyo Matsudaira who was captured and held as a hostage by the Oda clan will later grow up to become Ieyasu Tokugawa. As a hostage, he came to know Kipposhi, the child name of a young Nobunaga Oda. 10 years later, after Nobunaga achieved his near miraculous victory at Okehazama, and Ieyasu had revived the failing Matsudaira clan, these two become trusted allies and create a grand drama that claimed a place in the history of conquerors.

€ 2.99

The God of War Descends

Additional Scenario 2

An additional playable scenario, "The God of War Descends".

Kagetora Nagao, 4th son of Tamekage Nagao, replaces his weak brother as head of the Nagao clan. The lords of Echigo were unwilling to recognize such a young and inexperienced youth. They take the field, only to be easily routed by Kagetora. He later takes the name of Kenshin and becomes known to the world as the "War God". Here his story starts. Enjoy this historical drama of the first days of a young hero.

€ 2.99

Dawn of Revolution

Additional Scenario 3

An additional playable scenario, "Dawn of Revolution".

Several years after his victory at Okehazama, Nobunaga finds himself embroiled in a struggle for control with many other powerful daimyo. This scenario centers around Nobunaga's grand plan to unite the land, and the historical drama that it ignited.

€ 2.99

Fateful Clash

Additional Scenario 4

An additional playable scenario, "Fateful Clash".

After the Incident at Honnoji brings about the death of Nobunaga, chaos reigns once more, and heroes from across the land vie for power. This scenario focuses on the struggle between Hideyoshi Hashiba and Mitsuhide Akechi, and the drama surrounding them.

€ 2.99

Battle of Nagashino

Additional Scenario 5

An additional playable scenario, "Battle of Nagashino".

Even after Shingen's death, the Takeda clan remains the mightiest in the region. However, Nobunaga senses an opportunity to strike, and comes up with a revolutionary new strategy. In this age of uncertainty, heroes are made and legends are born.

€ 2.99

The Battle of Itsukushima

Additional Scenario 6

An additional playable scenario, "The Battle of Itsukushima".

This scenario centers around the great strategist Motonari Mori, and the time he made his move. This is the story of men who dreamed of conquest, and risked their lives.

€ 2.99

Battle of Tetorigawa

Additional Scenario 7

An additional playable scenario, "Battle of Tetorigawa".

Nobunaga Oda, in an attempt to seize control of the land, comes face to face with the honorable Kenshin Uesugi. This is the story of men who followed their ambitions to the bitter end.

€ 2.99

The One-eyed Dragon

Additional Scenario 8

An additional playable scenario, "The One-eyed Dragon".

This scenario centers around the bold and ambitious One-Eyed Dragon, Masamune Date, and his heroic gamble to seize control of the land. Sick of ceaseless war and false truces, he vows to make his move, from Oshu in the far north. This is a story of the passion and unbridled ambition of one who looks beyond just his own lands, but also across the seas.

€ 2.99

Shingen's Final Step

Additional Scenario 9

An additional playable scenario, "Shingen's Final Step".

The time has finally arrived for the Takeda Army, reputedly the strongest in the land, to march upon the capital. Shingen's illness has healed, and they have splintered the Tokugawa at Mikatagahara. No longer uncertain of what he desires, the Tiger makes his move.

€ 2.99