NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence

How far will your Ambition take you?

30 Anniversary NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION release
NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence
We have reproduced 30 famous events like the Battle of Kawanakajima and the night attack at Kawagoe. 
The path to Unification is enacted with movies and events that dramatically adorn the history of the Warring States that the player creates.

Episodes from the lives of well known officers have also been recreated as movies and conversation based events.
Lives and events are portrayed dramatically.

The Free Quest system, in which "Quests" are frequently triggered, has joined the series for the first time.
Successfully achieving these Quests allow players to dramatically experience the stories of the Warring States period, both historical and personal.

As the conditions for these Quests are fulfilled, events are triggered.
Officers also sometimes obtain extra skills.
But doing these quests is optional.
There is no penalty if the player chooses to forge off in their own direction and create an entirely unique history.

Quest - Example

Attack on Mino

After Nobunaga defeated Yoshimoto Imagawa at the Battle of Okehazama, he learned that his father-in-law, Dōsan Saitō, had fallen due to a revolt and determined to attack Mino.

Overnight Castle at Sunomata

In the war-torn land of Sunomata, many Oda retainers tried and failed to construct fortifications. Making full use of both his intelligence and his contacts, it is now Hideyoshi Kinoshita's turn to make the attempt.
We have prepared quests to give direction in the early stages of the game. Following these steps will open the path to unification.
We have prepared a number of scenarios based on various aspects of the Warring States period. Players can choose to play as one of the many different Lords that fought for power during that period. Each scenario starts at a different year, meaning that the conditions and officers will be different.

Scenario Example

The Struggle for Power

Nobuhide Oda, Daimyō of Owari, had fallen to illness. His heir is Nobunaga, the Fool of Owari...

The Battle of Okehazama

The forces of the great archer Yoshimoto Imagawa are marching on Owari. Does Nobunaga Oda have what it takes to survive?

Anti-Nobunaga Coalition

Nobunaga had reached the Capital. The other powerful Lords of the land joined together to oppose him.

Like a Dream

Nobunaga was one step from unifying the land. His talented underlings were finishing the attacks around the land, while he returned alone to the capital. 

Over 1800 historical officers and clan maidens appear in this game, each with their own abilities and faces.
Though some of the officers start out average, through continued use they will grow and improve and be a vital resource as you strive to expand your clan.
The officers who join your clan will appear in your Officer Directory, which allows you to review their abilities and biographies. So check out any officer you're curious about.
*Some officers character portraits will change based on age progression.

With the Maiden officer mode, all of the princesses of the clans can appear in the game as officers.

  • Many of those princesses were talented in strategy or politics and much better than your average officer. Use them throughout the game; in civil or foreign affairs.

  • Talented Maiden officers can lead provinces with exceptional results. You can be like Hideyoshi, who went off to war in Kyūshū and left Nene in control of Osaka.

  • Maiden Warriors in Battle

  • You can even appear in battle with your spouse like "Nagamasa Azai and Oichi," and "Toshiie Maeda and Matsu."

With our edit function, original officers can be created. You can freely design your own officer, choosing the facial graphic, abilities and more.

Those original officers can be introduced into the game to create your own original Warring States saga.